Spending some time off in the mountains allows deep and sensible souls to be enriched, to come together, to exchange feelings right there where Mont Blanc’s universality and majesty are pretty much like an invisible rope which connects men who are reaching for new meetings, knowledge, self development and understanding.

“Le Perle di Qrma” (“Qrma’s Gems”) have consequences on these people’s way of life; they’re in a state of ferment, vital, developing as time goes by, but at the same time they have respect for the traces left by the ones who have preceded them: to set out on such an authentic journey is considered as a synonym for strength and originality and it coexists with the legacy of the past. The mountains identify with the genuineness of the people who experience their lifestyle; these people represent the mountains’ soul, the basic elements, they’re the actors and the viewers of many events; they’re time’s witnesses but they’re also pointing towards the future.

La roche
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Le Chalet