The metamorphosis of  Entrèves castle’s old stable

Born from the renovation of Entrèves castle’s old stable, this house it’s the triumph of old wood, though the colour might be the undisputed star. The antique beams that cover this house create a funny effect that makes it fascinating; the dwelling is also characterized by the soft scent of wood. The couches, the antique table, and the rest of the furniture give to the apartment a warm and comfortable connotation, where also more contemporary items such as flat panel TV, stereo, dishwasher etc. can coexist with many solutions. The nice creations drawn on the bathroom’s walls with a special technique, make this room an enjoyable nest after a cold winter day in the mountains.

The sleeping area is tastefully furnished, and it’s here where the attention to the selection of the materials is at its best, and the green and red tones mixed together give life to an harmonious and romantic ensemble: a stunning chest of drawers completes the whole set. Framing this “Gem” the gorgeous view of the Mont Blanc range which can be seen from the bedroom’s window and from the balcony of the house where you can comfortably sit to contemplate the scenery.