Le Chalet

The magic of the house of the woods

This chalet was the collection point for milk coming from the nearby stalls of the hamlet of Dolonne. A place of reference for an ancient daily ritual: milking. Today, one careful reconstruction has restored its identity intact, enhancing its charm and refinement.

Every restoration phase has been carefully studied in detail by the owners, to respect faithfully the traditional architecture of the area, starting with the use of the noblest materials: stone and wood.

The interior arrangement, as well as the furniture, is essential. The decorations, the warm fabrics shades and the scent of wood create a unique and incomparable atmosphere. The subdivision of the spaces underlines the mountain style in this corner on a human scale. Outside, the magnificent
Rocky garden offers an open space on the surrounding mountains, available to those who want indulge in pampering, wellness and peace.

A small house with a deep soul. A warm and solid refuge like stone during the cold winter, a fresh, authentic and gracious oasis of peace in the summer, where you can meet with the family and try to stop the time.

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