La Petite

Coming face to face with Mont Blanc from the old village of Entrèves

This “Gem” is the best choice for guests who like small sizes better, it is as simple and vital as an edelweiss blooming in the snow, it’s perfect for a married couple who decides “to not just simply stay in but to experience the house together”. This gem, that stands in the old built-up area of Entrevès, reflects accurately the architectural style of the alpine homes: the exterior is completely made of stone, while the interiors are characterized by the typical wood-paneled walls, refined materials and traditional decorations. By opening the doorway you get to the small and very cosy living area: in one corner you can find the fully equipped kitchen area, and in the other one you can find the couch for the relaxing times, right under the two windows from which you can contemplate the enchanting scenery of Mont Blanc.

The bedroom has a room divider with a sliding door, entirely made of old wood, that like the wing of a theatre stage, separates or  connects the bedroom with the living area. Lastly,  a unique feature of the house are the “graffiti” that are an historical tradition. They’re the result of a specific technique: a special type of quicklime is applied to the walls and it’s then scratched with a particular penknife used to create naïve-style drawings. The cheerful little animals drawn on the walls such as the fox, the marmot, the hare, the chamois and the fawns give to the rooms a friendly vibe, that with the pleasant scent of wood make this house a proper shelter: small and chic.